Welcome! I’m Andrew, a physicist, writer, and gamer. I grew up in the deep south, but somehow wound up living in the frozen north. While earning my bachelor’s degree, I accomplished one of my life-long dreams of writing a novel. Graduate school derailed my writing a bit, but I am finally finishing up the preparations to publish my first book, with more to come!

My research is focused on the dynamics of Earth’s upper atmosphere. Above a certain altitude, the atmosphere becomes electrically charged and thus subject to electromagnetic forces. This charged portion of the atmosphere, known as the ionosphere, is critical for long-distance electronic communication, among other things. Ionospheric interactions with the neutral atmosphere are also responsible for producing the beautiful displays of light in the sky known as auroras. Currently I am working at the University of Alaska Fairbanks studying ion-neutral interactions related to the aurora using radar and optical instruments. Here are a few photos of the aurora, taken by yours truly in Coldfoot, Alaska.

One of the perks of being an experimental scientist is that I get to travel! I’ll often share pictures and stories from my various trips. I’ve got quite a backlog of them, so stay tuned for new ones.

Outside of writing, one of my major hobbies has always been gaming. In particular, I’m drawn to strategy/card games, though I branch out on occasion. Magic: the Gathering has been a major part of my life since a friend taught me when I was nine years old. I flirted with Hearthstone for a while, but now my mobile game of choice is Eternal, which is similar to Magic in a lot of ways. I also enjoy a variety of tabletop miniature games and RPGs, but most of my gaming time is devoted to Magic and Eternal. I’ll be publishing weekly draft reports here, along with the occasional constructed update when I find the time.