Designs of a Fox                                               

Their homeland slowly dying of an unnatural blight, the Versinian Union launches a desperate offensive to destroy the thing that caused it: a holy relic known as Tayra’s Gift. Two haunted men, Captain Asir and Lieutenant Moridin, must traverse a vast ocean, recruit reluctant allies, and navigate the plotting of the Union’s many lords in order to secure allies and lead the offensive against a city bristling with sorcerers. Meanwhile, in the city itself, an unlikely coalition of peasants, gangsters, and fugitive nobility rallies to defend its home–and Tayra’s Gift–from the surprise invasion.  Throughout, the gods weave their schemes, and a mysterious man known only as The Fox begins to gather a strange assortment of followers to fulfill a purpose known only to him.

Tears of a Wolf

Spoiler for lick to reveal (contains spoilers for Designs of a Fox)

(Tentative summary, as things tend to change when I write…)

The Oracle of Treimen is dead. His daughter, often whispered to be mad, takes up her father’s scepter and leads her people south toward Cyannar. In Stonesilt, Garran Fellwen is torn between his father’s ambition and loyalty to Cyannar.  In Tayrin, both sides struggle to pick up the pieces after the battle at the Ivy Tower. Asir, newly-minted god, has not been seen since the battle, and many seek his trail. Some to kill him, some to manipulate him, and some to beg his aid.



These shorter stories are designed to be read in-between the main novels of the series. They tell the backstories of many of the minor characters that will appear in future main-series books. It’s not necessary to read them, but they provide some added flavor and insight into what’s going on in other parts of the world, as well as why some of these characters wind up where they do.

Of Courtesans and Crowns

The Versinians’ all-out offensive has launched without its greatest general. Blackblade, the most feared man on the entire continent, has vanished. In the absence of the Korran Emperor, regency has fallen to his son, Prince Hofer, a weak and ineffectual ruler. As unrest seethes, Blackblade’s seven closest comrades set off on a quest to find the one man who might unite the Empire’s squabbling factions. The man they find, however, may not be the one they expected…

Of Birds and Baubles

Far to the west, the Feather Tribes of the Scar scrape out a living by selling relics discovered in the caves nestled in the cliffs upon which they live. One of the relic divers emerges from the caves a changed woman, promising riches beyond imagining. From the east, an army of Jarienn tribesmen arrive, claiming to have seen visions of a new Prophet.

Other worlds…

The Dominion Cipher

Seven years ago, Tiernan Rennan, alone, faced down the most powerful demon the world had ever seen. In a moment of extreme exhaustion and desperation, he discovered the spell that underwrites all creation, the Dominion Cipher. One problem: Afterward, Rennan collapsed and couldn’t remember the Cipher. Now a mediocre headmaster in a land far from Church control, his glory days behind him, Rennan repeatedly pushes himself to extremes in the name of recalling the Cipher. The sudden arrival of militant bishops at his backwater academy forces Rennan to confront his failings, both past and present.