So, my almost-five-year-old computer decided to finally give it up last week, which meant I had an excuse was forced to get a new one. After setting it all up, I haven’t had a ton of time to play much Eternal or Magic, so I’ve missed a couple of weekly reports.

I have yet to comb through my old, hacking, coughing hard drive for the screenshots I took, so I will simply go through a quick update on my Eternal sealed league games.

They did not go so well. At least, the ten that mattered. I went 5-5. The format was a lot faster than I was initially expecting, which I suppose is the nature of Eternal when compared with Magic. The games are simply quicker. It turns out that Lavablood Goliath was just not at all playable, which I quickly discerned and cut after my fourth game.

Honestly, my deck was better than 5-5, even after that cut. In fact, I played my 20 tiebreaker games afterward and went an astonishing 17-3, for an overall record of 22-8 in the first week. Pretty damn good, even if I didn’t win when it mattered! If I averaged that winrate in the games that mattered, I would probably finish #1 overall or pretty close to it.

After playing those thirty games, I have a much better feel for the deck. The relic weapons were definitely incredible, and when I was on the play with a few minions to lead on, I felt like I couldn’t lose. Unseen Commando was as insane as advertised, and I won every game where I played it. Even games where it died, it usually forced my opponent to devote their whole turn to Extinguishing it, which allowed me to pressure their life total.

Warcry, too, was as good as I expected. When removal is already thin, and more than half of it is damage or power-based (e.g., Torch, Extinguish), a gigantic beater is often enough to lock up a game. Just don’t walk it into Entrapment! The finest play I made in my games was not attacking with my 6/10 Town Watchman and just slowly chipping in with a Tandem Watchwing. They eventually were forced to run out the Entrapment on the Watchwing, leaning on a gang block for the Watchman. I had a relic weapon to break up that possibility and ran away from there.

My deck’s weaknesses were its glut of 3-drops with very few 2s, as well as a lack of ways to clear a big threat. As I mentioned, Lavablood Goliath was stone unplayable, though Flight Lieutenant has been putting in some serious work. At least I was right about that one…

Week Two

My Dusk Road pack for week two had a stone unplayable rare (I don’t even remember what it was off the top of my head!) and only contained two real cards for my deck. Nothing else was exciting enough to make me seriously consider other faction combinations, so I just added my Frontier Confessor and Spark Hatcher, cutting Warhelm and Rabblerouser.

Sadly, I once again couldn’t pull off the wins when they mattered. I only played 6 games this week, going 3-3 again. Two of those losses were to straight-up power screw, so I don’t feel too bad about the deck, but I have noticed some glaring weaknesses, namely that there just aren’t any 2-drops. I have two in the whole pool, meaning that I’m at a significant disadvantage on the draw. My many relic weapons don’t pull me ahead on tempo if I don’t have a board presence, only maintain parity, which isn’t where I want to be.

With that in mind, and the fact that I’ve already got a reasonable 17 tiebreaker wins, I made a strategic decision to simply not play the rest of my games this week. I’ll need to get more wins that matter in order to break into the top 1000. Top 100 seems like a lost cause at this point, so I’ll set 1000 as my goal for this league. I am hoping that this week’s pack will contain some curve fixers for the deck. If it doesn’t, I’ll once again wait a week for my Empty Throne pack and see if that gets me there.

I’ll admit it’s kind of a cop-out decision, but I think it’s my best shot at spiking a good week and moving into the top 1000. I sacrifice my tiebreaker games by doing this, but tiebreakers are at most 0.99~ wins. If, by waiting, I can get one more win than I otherwise would have, that is better than going 60-0 in my remaining tiebreakers, so that’s the correct call.

If I wind up not playing my sealed pool this week, I’ll do some regular drafts and write a regular draft report. Until then!